Rakuten Linkshare - The Easiest Way To Make Money Online
Rakuten Linkshare

Rakuten Linkshare - The Easiest Way To Make Money Online

Magda Warner 2022-02-21 02:01:25

Rakuten Marketing, also known as Rakuten Affiliate Network, was formed in 2005 due to a merger between Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce portal, and LinkShare, an online distribution network founded by Stephen and Heidi Messer. It was rebranded as Rakuten Affiliate Network in 2014, and it is now one of the largest pay-for-performance affiliate marketing networks.

It is a powerful tool for businesses to reach new audiences and encourage repeat purchases. And a worldwide subsidiary organization that permits advertisers to participate in consumers` customer journeys while also connecting publishers and advertisers. their overall strategy benefits both publishers and advertisers, assuring businesses that the influencers and publishers with whom they are collaborating are the best of the best. This strategy is also constantly fine-tuned so that both types of users can fully utilize it. Businesses can be confident that their connections via Rakuten Marketing Affiliate are of high quality and will effectively support their brand.

The company`s headquarters are in Tokyo, with offices in nine other cities. It is one of the few affiliate companies with a global reach of over 200 countries.


The following are the main characteristics of this affiliate network:

  • Account Administration
  • Insights and Attribution
  • Processing of Payments
  • Feed Administration
  • Screening and monitoring of affiliates
  • Affiliate Marketing Resources
  • Brand Defense


Let`s look at what it`s like to be a new affiliate on this network.

First and foremost, go to their signup page. Then fill out a lengthy but single-page application form. You must have an active website to complete the signup process – you will be asked for domain information and how much traffic your site receives.


Companies were tripping over themselves in the early days of affiliate marketing to find affiliates to promote their products.

This included some particularly well-known brands like Jet blue airways, mosters, nvidia, Microsoft and many more

The above brand names demonstrate how diverse their Marketing`s affiliate programs are.

And there are about 1,000 of them to browse. Indeed, some other associate organizations have more projects, however many generate little or no revenue for their company.


It would be highly beneficial if all affiliate networks paid their affiliates the same way, but this is this isn`t true. Never take payment schedules or timeframes for granted, such as assuming that all affiliate programs are the same because one network pays you weekly. They aren`t.

Above all, how about we investigate how they handles affiliate installments.

This network`s affiliate payments are all net 60, which means you`ll get paid whatever commissions you earned 60 days after you earned them. Assume you ran a Halloween promotion in October; the affiliate program manager would authorize your payment in November, and you would be paid in December. Affiliate commission payments can be received via direct deposit (bank transfer), PayPal, or check.

Payment Stipulation

This is the bare minimum you must earn before they pay you via your preferred method.

Fortunately, the payment threshold for this affiliate network is shallow – only $50. You can increase your minimum payout to a much higher amount.

However, for some strange reason, you must change this under `Marketing Channels` rather than `Payment Settings. `

The good news is that as a new affiliate, you can change your payment threshold.


The key benefits are its stable functionalities and excellent customer service. Here are some additional advantages that businesses gain from them:

  • A Network Driven by Performance

It can be utilized at any point in the customer journey. Businesses can use it to raise product awareness, convert customers, or engage and encourage customers to make repeat purchases.

  • Devotion & Discovery

Their roster of popular influencers is a massive help in introducing a product or brand to new audiences and fostering loyalty to it. It is also an excellent way for advertisers to make and nurture valuable consistent while also broadening their reach.

  • Affiliates of High Quality

To maintain current quality standards, publisher applications are rigorously checked. They also continuously monitor accepted affiliates to ensure that the network`s rules are followed and that the content is consistent of the highest quality.

  • Tools for Users

Affiliate users access tools that make marketing easier to implement, measure and optimize. Users can access a data feed that can be used in various ways. Publishers can compare products, while advertisers can create meals to help them with their deliverables.

  • Support at its Finest

Advertisers using it, you can expect a dedicated manager to investigate their concerns. Account management also empowers them.


  • It has the influence to get enormous names energetic about their organization
  • Simple to-utilize interface - ideal for beginners and experienced advertisers the same
  • The information exchange process for another partner just requires a couple of moments
  • Making an associate connection or standard is extremely clear
  • Bunches of client assistance choices accessible to you
  • They`ve been doing business beginning around 1996, so they comprehend the market better compared to most.


  • They don`t show the EPC for any dealer`s programs - this is astounding
  • They seem to have gained notoriety for deferred installments
  • An old-fashioned connection point that hasn`t been contacted in very nearly twenty years

It is a trustworthy choice for users who are new to the world of influencer marketing. Most Rakuten Marketing affiliate users agree that their pricing is reasonable, making it an excellent choice for new users.

Influencer marketing platforms, such as Rakuten, are ideal for users who want to gain access to various brands without having to sign up for multiple accounts.